Picture yourself on Stage as a Top-Achiever at Your Network Marketing Company's Next Big Event

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Picture yourself on Stage as a Top-Achiever at Your Network Marketing Company's Next Big Event

Our Story

Pete and Sue went from school teachers who were barely making ends meet to wealthy entrepreneurs who now have complete time freedom and financial security. As  network marketing professionals, they built their business and team to be a powerhouse of success and growth.

How we help you

Train With The Best

If you'd like to change your life for the better—whether it's having more time, more money, more independence, or simply more happiness—then we can help.

Tools and Technology

We've partnered with a leader in online technology to give our team access to the best in marketing and lead management tools.

Motivated Individuals Wanted

We're looking for driven, aspiring individuals—just like you—to personally train for success in our business model.

We have helped so many ignite the entreprenuer within

Scott and Jennifer Morgan

"Pete, Sue and the UFT training website they've built, has provided us with the tools and resources needed to be successful coaches with Beachbody. Our growing team has been fortunate to have access to a system that is free and duplicatable to every new coach. I could write a book of how you've helped us!"

Scott and Jennifer Morgan
PGA Golf Professional / VP of Operations

Patrick Santiago

"Pete and Sue and the UFT have allowed me to have a blueprint to build a stable, profitable, and long lasting business. The one thing that Pete and Sue exemplify as the leaders of the UFT is a culture of service and willingness to create an environment that allows people to grow to their fullest potential as a Beachbody Coach and member of the UFT. I am grateful and thankful to have them as mentors and more than that as lifelong friends."

Patrick Santiago

Laura O'Melia

"The leadership and support from Pete, Sue, and the entire UFT has provided me with resources to develop my skills through great training tools and knowledge sharing. I am continuously amazed by the amazing people on this team all doing such incredible things in their lives and the lives of others. I am very fortunate to be a part of the UFT."

Laura O'Melia
Marketing Manager

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