We are Pete and Sue Pena

The first Beachbody millionaire coaches and the continued thought leaders of our industry. But we weren't born into the direct sales industry, nor were we fed on silver spoons. We were, in fact, very average people—school teachers struggling to make ends meet—when we found network marketing.

Watch the video below to hear our story.

Top Coach 2007
Top Coach 2008
Top Coach Region 2009
First 10 Star Diamond
Super Star – 15 Star Diamond
Beachbody Elite Coach
Top Rank Advancement 2010
Top Recruiter 2007
Success Club 5 & 10


Coach Advisory Board 2007-2010
First Husband & Wife independent Million Dollar Earner Club
Multiple Business Centers (Both Pete & Sue)
Founder, Ultimate Fitness Team
Financial Freedom award winners
Sponsored & Mentored Coaches To 6 and 7 Figures Success
Speaker at National Beachbody Coaching Summit
Beachbody Rewards Trip Earners
Super Star Diamond Day at Beachbody Corporate


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